Anne Is Ninja (otakukat) wrote in seksicomm,
Anne Is Ninja

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever community, The Hobbit Hole! Basicly this is a community for those people who love Lord of the Rings, espically the hobbits.

This community, however, came from my wanting and wanting a community of my own but once I went to sign up for one, I couldn't think of a topic! That's why the user name has nothing to do with hobbits. "Seksi" is just my favorite word.

Well, Happy Poasting! I hope to see many of you sign up!


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Happy to be here! Hope we have much fun within the Shire and throughout Middle-earth. :)
Oh, we will have fun, WE WILL.
-you know who
I'm excited too. I hope lots of little hobbits will join. We don't have to glue hair to our feet or anything, right??? Just want to be sure what I'm getting myself into. ;)
hey guys! i just joined.. well, wanted to say hello.. hope to get to know you all and have a great time! i was also wondering if anyone posts in here much, because it seems like the entries and comments are pretty old.. well, talk to you all later! :)