Steph (trooper2007) wrote in seksicomm,

we need a topic...

it's sad that no one posts here. what this community needs is more people, and also a specific topic about hobbits to post about. so everyone tell your friends to join and post. also, let's brainstorm...i already tried the poll idea (who is your favorite hobbit, see below) and that died quickly. we could try a different poll, or take a whole different route. right now i am too tired from working 9 hours to be especially creative, so all i can think of right now is this new poll...actually now that i think about it i can't think of a poll question, sorry! you all think and i will think and maybe together we can come up with a way to make this community post more. lol, i'm talking to my boyfriend on the phone and i'm telling him about this and he said, "you're posting a post to make people post or else you'll go postal." it was funnier when he said it, trust me. anyways, have fun posting!
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